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Being your own boss has it’s rewards. It also has its challenges. Some of those challenges are meeting the right people and knowing where to find, and attract, your next customer. These problems aren’t new. Back in the 1930 days of the Great Dust Bowl, things were really bad. That didn’t stop a group of motivated, well dressed individuals from getting organized and bolstering their communities. They didn’t look at the poverty around them, they looked for the opportunities, removed the obstacles, got the job done, and created incredible success for themselves during the worst of economic times. They did this by surrounding themselves with people that had common goals and by knowing what their community’s needs, then providing access to fulfilling those needs. That’s what The Promo Syndicate is all about. Connecting, Finding Solutions, Removing Obstacles, and Creating Long Term Relationships and Sustainability for businesses. 

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No matter how much better our technology gets, you still can’t beat good old fashioned word of mouth marketing. Creating positive experiences around your products, services, brand, or your business in general, is a great way to make sure your customers will always remember you. Hosting events is a great way to do that.  We specialize in creating those experiences for your customers so all you have to do is bask in the glow of all the compliments about your:

  • Customer/Employee Appreciation Party
  • Product/Service/Brand Launch Party
  • Your Christmas or Holiday Party

With the follow up system we’ll give you to use, you’ll be turning today’s party into tomorrow’s profits in no time. 

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It’s not always possible to get face to face with your customers. Lots of businesses have customers that don’t even live in the same country, let along the same time zone, as they do. This isn’t anything new. Back in the day those customers relied on catalog ordering but, we have the internet now. People aren’t just waiting for your catalog to show up so they can ear mark the pages with the stuff they want. They want you to tell them why they need your products or services. The most effective way of doing this is to create an online experience for them by:

  • Using videos and eye catching graphics
  • Having headlines that stand out
  • Keeping engaged through follow up systems
  • Creating effective ads

Implementing these tools doesn’t have to cost you a ton of time or money but they could create a huge ROI for your business.

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You may be one of those people that just needs to be pointed in the right direction in order to get things done. We’ve taken our expertise and packaged into:

Every package includes lots of added services to help make sure you have the information and support you need to reach your goals.

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