The Difference Experience Makes

14 Dec 2017
Shannon Berry

How do you prove your products or services will enhance people’s lives if you don’t let them experience their benefits first?

It’s so easy to tell people what you have to offer. Of course you’re passionate about it and know it will make their lives better. The question is, why should they believe you? To answer this, you need to think back…

Not that far! Just back to the day when you had your eureka moment and knew, beyond all doubt, you had a fantastic something to offer. Why did you know it was so fantastic? What made you start telling everyone about it? You poured your time and money into making it happen for a reason. A reason your customers know absolutely nothing about.¬†Consider this, they weren’t there in that moment. They weren’t there when you excitedly told your friends and family about your discovery and your vision for its future.

Don’t fret though, there is still an opportunity to share that moment. We suggest you do. You see, when your future customers get to experience your offer the way you did, they’ll understand why it is so important to their lives.

Set the stage, walk them through your process, let them touch what’s appropriate to touch, and make sure you have food and beverages. People really like food and drinks. Create eye catching displays, run video reels, whatever you need to do to gain attention and engage. You can have a huge budget or a small one. Work with what you’ve got. Just make sure the people in the room know they have your attention and that you’re there for them.

Not sure how to make all this happen? Ask for help. Our team is ready and willing to make it happen, within your budget. Give us a ring at 780-278-5950 or drop us a line at

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