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Strong Community, Perseverance, and Celebration. The Three Essentials for a Successful Business. Welcome to Gangster Marketing!

cropped-bwgangster2.jpgIn a time, not too long ago, there was a group of people that knew how to get things done. They had big parties to show their appreciation and to enjoy the fruits of their labour. They also had a big reputation on the streets they walked. They were called Gangsters and many of their names still hang on our lips today.

Welcome to the new Gangster era of big parties and knowing all the right people. Except today’s Gangsters have big parties to promote their community members and, instead of running the streets, they run the internet through Social Media Strategies. Today, we promote, connect, and build reputations with positive experiences and exceptional social media presence.

Take Al Capone for example. Sure, some could argue he was a bit of a bad guy but, he was mostly a very smart business man. How so? Well, Al knew what it was like to have nothing. He grew up in abject poverty. Not being willing to settle for that for the rest of his life, he started making connections and making deals. Many people here in Canada don’t even realize how he helped out our farmers during the Dust Bowl of the ’30s. Al needed a place to store his product and the farmers across the border needed to feed their families. What was a smart business man to do? How about rent out the root cellars of the farmers living along the border? It was a win win situation for everyone! Al’s product was safe and the farmers had enough income to sustain their lands and their families. That is what community is all about! People helping people.

Another great thing about Gangsters is that their communities don’t rely on the country’s economy to be prosperous. They focus on getting things done and doing business with those around them, not on how many taxes they have to pay. They search for opportunities, have a diversified portfolio, and are well known in their communities. Through their efforts, jobs are created and local economies are stabilized. Who could ask for anything more? Well, we can! Not only do these businesses help prosper their communities but, when these guys decide it’s time to get together and celebrate their achievements, talk about financial support to local business! The whole community is invited and they all need to eat, drink, and be entertained. These are the moments everyone looks forward to, the events. Whether we are saying Thanks for being a great employee, Thanks for being a great customer, or Hey! I got something gangcommyou wanna see, you can always be sure that the night is going to go off with a whiz bang.

These days, it’s not just the physical streets that we need to be working on. The virtual streets of social media carry a lot of potential, if you know how to use it right. A system that could easily be used to enhance the underground has gone mainstream instead, and we’ve immersed ourselves in that world. Just like Gangsters have always done, we continue to experiment and learn everything we can about how this system works best for every one of our members. We’re not exactly the type of people to let opportunity pass us by. We don’t think you should be either so, we share our expertise with you so that we can all reap the benefits of connecting with our online fam.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Gangsters are criminals! Well, just like everything else that has grown and changed, so have we. As the Syndicate Leader I can assure you that we are completely above board. Nothing we do will get you into any trouble. We have taken the Gangster Go To attitude and turned it into legit and lucrative business opportunities for business owners and those wanting to connect with the businesses in their communities. So, if you’re ready to be a part of something BIG, you can take up our offer of membership hereIf you’re still not sure we’re on the up and up, you can view our Syndicate Code to double check.

So, if you’re looking for some new networking opportunities, need a private party to get word out, or just want a bit more recognition for your online efforts, hit us up with your information. We’re here to help!

Present your ideas, products, services, or even your message and get valuable insights from the Syndicate Community!

Present your ideas, products, services, or even your message and get valuable insights from the Syndicate Community!

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