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Systems Create Growth That Generates Profits Faster. Get Organized!

Can I be honest with you right now? Let me tell it to you straight. You have to take your business serious if you want your community to take you seriously. There’s lots of times the only thing that set us apart from the other guys is how organized we are.

I knquestionmarkow what you’re thinkin’ right now. How does being organized let others know we’re serious about gettin’ things done? Let’s face it, without systems we come off lookin’ like we’re all wet. We don’t know our processes, we can’t find what we need when we need it, we don’t remember our customers, and we’re never on time. Do you know what they call those kind of people? Chumps! I don’t know about you but, at the Promo Syndicate, we’re no chumps. Pretty sure you don’t want to be one either. 

If you have any fears that you may be a chump, don’t worry, we have some simple solutions for you:

  1. Get a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System). Learn how to use it to its fullest. These systems will help you track you contacts, send group emails, create newsletters, create events and needed forms, and pretty much everything you need to go from chump to the cat’s meow in your customer’s eyes. If this isn’t your thing, find someone that can help, hire someone to maintain it if you have to. 
  2. Planning guides. Doesn’t matter if you create one that works for you or if you can find an existing one that works, just get one. You’ll need to plan your marketing strategy, your social media plan, and online content. Consistency in message and brand is key to getting noticed.
  3. Goal tracking. If you’re not setting goals, planning how to meet them, and tracking where you’re at with your plan then, how do you have any idea of what might be happening with your business over the next few months?

The worst part of not having process and systems in place is letting your employees and yourself down. You may be a mom and pop shop now but, what if you grow and need more help? If you don’t have any systems in place, how do you train your employees to do their jobs properly? How can you make sure your customers are receiving consistent service and care? If you’re already a bigger company and you don’t have proper systems in place that could be why you have a high turn over rate with your employees, or frustrated customers, or any of the other issues that can come from not being organized.  There are just too many things that can fall through the cracks if you don’t have proper organizational systems, including your business. Don’t take the risk! This one just isn’t worth it. Get organized!organization

Like we said in our last blog post, knowing your community and being engaged isn’t just about making scratch. It’s about showing you care and being an active member of your community. When people can engage with you outside of the office and see you as a contributor to their neighbourhood, they appreciate you more. You appreciate you more.

Online, it’s all about repetition and reputation. Do you make sure to charge for absolutely everything you present? Yes? Hate to say it but, you’re doing it wrong. When customers put their trust in you and what you are offering, you should show your appreciation to them. They sign up for your webinar, send them a free download. A chapter from an upcoming book, a tip guide, something that says Thank You. Do you put the proper effort into what you are presenting your paying customers? The answer to this question better be yes or you’re going to be having some troubles soon. Make sure you are preparing properly, especially if you have charged for the service you’re presenting. Nothing is more frustrating to an audience than to have to put out some green just to find out there’s no refunds and they didn’t get their money’s worth. Remember, word of mouth is still the strongest form of marketing a business can have.

If you want to know more about what we do at The Promo Syndicate you can check us out at or send us an email at to ask us any questions. Have some questions about social media? You can register for our next Free webinar. If you’re not available to participate live, that’s okay, register and we’ll send you the recording of the session.


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