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Making a Difference in Your Community Makes a Big Difference in Your Business

This is going to be a short post. We don’t think it should take too much to say what it means to honour your community. Honour is like respect, which is next week’s post, but not quite the same. Honouring your community means you stand by the people and the businesses in it by putting them first. Now, this doesn’t mean to the exclusion of all others. Not at all! We have many international and multi-national companies in our communities. We have many people that are not originally from our current community. Also, local economy helps to support global economy. What we’re saying is, when our local economy is weak, our global economy isn’t as strong as it should be either.  There are a few very simple ways to honour our community:

  1. Shop local. You don’t have to buy everything locally but, adding some local suppliers to your shopping will help everyone in the long run
  2. Choose to support people and businesses that you have had a good experience with. This is like the saying, “Lead by example”. When people see who you trust, they’ll be more likely to trust them too. When people realize the positive experience they can have shopping with those suppliers they will be more likely to return and that helps strengthen businesses that strive for excellence. No gossip required!
  3. Keep your word! If you say you’ll do something then do it. It’s that simple. If you say you’ll meet someone at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, be there on Tuesday at 10:00 AM. If you say you’ll send information, send it. Know someone that could work with another to mutual benefit? Honour your community by keeping your word to be supportive and make the connection. We could go on but, it’s probably not necessary.

The bottom line is this, you honour your community when you focus on the positive and go out of your way to create an environment of trust and respect.

We don’t think any further explanation is needed so, get out there and Honour Your Community!



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