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Managing Your Time Makes You More Productive and More Profitable!

The first step to putting your best foot forward is being on time. It doesn’t matter if it’s an event or a meeting, you should always be there with time to spare. Of course, we’ve all been late a time or two but, there are serious advantages to having a system in place that helps you manage your time properly.

  1. You’re not stressed out, and it shows. Being calm and prepared always gives you an advantage in presenting yourself well. Your brain functions better, you speak clearer, and you have your materials at your disposal. Think back to the last time you were on time but the other person wasn’t. Remember the flurry, the apologies, the scattered manner in which they addressed everything while they tried to calm down and collect themselves? Pretty sure it left a big, but not positive, impression on you. Don’t be that person.
  2. You show the person, or people, you’re meeting with that you respect them and their time. That shows others just how serious you are about being responsive and getting things done the right way. Being on time gives you credibility as a serious business person and makes the respect reciprocal before you even get started. That goes a long way in closing a deal.
  3. When you’re consistent in being respectful with your time, it helps build your reputation. Ever been part of a conversation about the person that’s always late? Chances are you were having that conversation because that person was late and everyone was waiting for them to get to the meeting place. Was that a positive conversation? Pretty sure it wasn’t. Is that person currently struggling to meet new people and find success because of a poor reputation? Maybe they should start being on time and things might change.

Here’s the bottom line, we’ve heard just about every excuse from people that are consistently late. They try really hard but always seem to be behind schedule, they don’t mean to but somehow it just happens, or things never fail to go wrong just as they are leaving. Speaking from experience, I can honestly tell you that these statements are all excuses. That’s right, I used to be that person. It never seemed to matter how much time I gave myself, I was always late. Then I had someone ask me a question that changed everything and made me realize I was the one sabotaging my time. I was asked if I was an adrenaline junkie. I am. Pushing the limits is always something that has given me a big thrill but, I never thought my time could be a part of that. It was though. The questioner pointed out that, even though it caused stress too, leaving things until the last minute gave me the rush I “needed” by trying to still be on time even when leaving late. It was always easy to forget the little details and procrastinate until the last minute and then rush around trying to get those details looked after and get to the car with enough time to make it to the meeting. I seldom did. I also seldom closed a deal. My business struggled because I didn’t respect myself, others, or our time. How often can you say you managed to sign a new client at a meeting where you were late?

So, if you want to be successful, respect time. Try a few of these tips that I use to help keep me on track and on time:

  1. Choose your wardrobe the day before. Most of us aren’t great decision makers when we wake up. This completely bypasses that issue.
  2. Keep a digital calendar, like google or outlook. Before you close up shop for the night, review the next day. Gather any materials you need for your meetings and have them in a place that you won’t forget them when you leave. Make a list of the tasks and errands you need to get done. Prioritize according to importance and travel (I always start at the furthest point away and work back toward my final destination). Always be sure to program alerts so you can’t forget to check what’s next on your daily schedule.
  3. Always add 15 minutes to your travel time and leave early. You never know when a train or traffic will be blocking your path. 

There are situations that can’t be helped. Your car breaks down. A family emergency. People understand this stuff. Just make sure you’ve got contact information and be sure to let the other people know your circumstances and let them know with as much notice as possible. But, being late all the time will do nothing for you or your business, except deplete energy and resources. 

Lost time is never found again – Benjamin Franklin
Better three hours too soon than a minute too late – William Shakespeare

Shannon Berry
Syndicate Leader


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