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Mindset Can Build Empires

We’ve been asked several times why we chose the Gangster persona for our company. It goes way back to a conversation our Syndicate Leader had years ago. See, she initially studied to work in Criminal Psychology. Not just Criminal Psychology but, the areas that pertain to individuals acting out through any number of psychosis. That conversation lead her to make this statement,

“If a lot of criminals that are behind bars now had applied their intelligence and skills to legitimate business, they’d all be billionaires by now”

Let’s take a few things into consideration while we ponder this statement:

  1. Most people in the general population of any prison don’t come from affluent backgrounds.
  2. To be in prison, they had to do something to get attention and be known.
  3. While the majority of those in prison still don’t have much on the outside, there are some that are looking forward to regaining a life of luxury when they get out.

In the case of #3, where did that life of luxury come from? Why are those people different? As a matter of fact, if you watch any documentaries about these Gangster types or pay any attention to the prison shows on TV, you’ll notice it’s these individuals that also seem to have the most authority and control with the other inmates, outside of the guards of course. Why? They come from the same background as many of their counterparts, struggled with poverty, endured the same neighbourhoods, and were told the same messages as they grew up. Yet, some became cons and others lost their lives. Then there are those that built empires.

Through the next few blog posts we’re going to take a look at what makes those empire builders tick. How opportunity, efficiency, needs, and other factors contributed to their success. Ultimately though, we’re going to discover the mindset that takes a person from the victim mindset to the dominating success mindset. Through these people we are going to learn how to use our weaknesses as our motivation to be on top, no matter the economy or our past.

We’re seriously looking forward to sharing these stories and insights with you.

**It feels prudent to make a disclaimer here so, here goes; The Promo Syndicate in no way endorses any kind of illegal activity. Drive by shootings are not recommended for taking out your competition nor is the destruction of your community acceptable in the name of profit. We are talking about taking the mindset principles that made the most unlikely of people some of the most successful people in North American history. We believe in moral, ethical, and legal practices for legitimate business, which is what we happen to operate.


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