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Being an Event Partner

Our events always feature a theme and a profession or industry. Why? The theme brings the fun and the focus provides opportunity to target the most appropriate audience. Only complimentary businesses can be showcased at an event. For example, we will never have more than one Financial Planner, Realtor, Graphic Designer, or Handy Man at a single event. 

Each of our events offers the opportunity for five businesses to share their expertise with our hand picked audience for 15 minutes. There is no selling! Yeah, it seems strange but, we’re about building relationships that produce multiple chances to sell, not sealing one deal. 

Here’s what you can expect:

15 minutes of stage time (information only, no selling)

2 representatives in the room to network

Promo product in swag bags

Mention on promo print materials (if received in time)

Online promotion as a partner

Banner at the event for photo wall/area

10 tickets to sell or give away

Our initial follow up with guests 

Training to use our exclusive relationship building system after the event

What we Expect:

Part of your partnership responsibilities is to help promote and cross promote the event

That you find a person to attend for every ticket we give you. 


Interested in Being a Partner?

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