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Quality over Quantity a.k.a. Less Work and More Profit

So we’re sending out a message to some people we think are worth connecting with. The SpeakEasy is happening that night and we figure it’s a great time to get to know some of these other business owners. There’s a few we want to reconnect with and a few we want to meet and see if there’s any possibilities for doing business. So, you can imagine our surprise when we received this message back:

“Thanks for your invite but if you just new (sic) the amount of multi millionaires that are my friends and own companies like Telus, Superstore, Old Navy, etc. you would ask my help!”

This company is no longer considered a connection. Can you imagine being in a room full of these people?

Quality is hard to come by. And, quality isn’t determined by the amount in your bank account or the moxie you present. It’s about the relationships you have and how you take care of them. We would take a room with 10 quality people in it over 300 of the above chumps any day. Taking action always trumps bragging rights!

There are some serious benefits to insisting on quality time and connections.

  1. Positive Vibes: When you’re around quality people they tend to make you feel better about yourself and your possibilities. They’re not usually the negative ninnies. They’re also more likely to have the same focus and genuinely want to help and give back to their community. Those that get support tend to return it.
  2. Less Time and Energy: Meeting with 10 people to find the 4 you can work with takes a lot less time and effort than trying to filter through 100 people that you don’t know anything about. The group may be smaller but it’s also a heck of a lot more efficient. The relationships you make will likely prove to be more fruitful as well.
  3. Less Risk: Risk taking is good so long as you take the right risks. Lately we’ve heard way too many stories of super rich people taking advantage of the little guy. When the group is smaller and your connections are more targeted there’s more opportunity to do your research before engaging in business. If someone comes highly recommended, has a good reputation, and proves to show some caution themselves, chances are they aren’t looking for their next meal ticket but actually want to collaborate so everyone can benefit. And, this perspective doesn’t depend on how much they have in the bank. What we’re sayin’ is, just because someone has lots of dough doesn’t mean they’re a quality person. You got to look past the persona and get to know the person in order to determine the quality they offer.

Our Syndicate Leader had a little bit more to say about this on our last Facebook Live session. Check it out here


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