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RESPECT Plus Trust Equals Profitability for Your Business


Before people trust you enough to do business with you, they first have to RESPECT you.

What does it mean to have your customers’ RESPECT? Well…

R – Relationships: If you don’t put in the effort to have a relationship with your customers they might not be customers for very long. Check in with them, ask them to sign up to receive special offers or your helpful monthly newsletter. Send anniversary cards celebrating the time they have been a loyal customer. Don’t harass them but, let them know you are grateful for their business.

E – Efficiency: Have the systems in place you need to be responsive to your customers. Get orders out in a reasonable amount of time, respond to customer complaints and inquires right away, or whatever your business needs to do to properly see to the needs of your customers. When your customers feel cared for, you will earn their trust and repeat business.

S – Service: We gain trust by giving back, regardless of potential profit. Our area recently experienced a massive wildfire that saw over 80,000 people evacuated, some of them more than once. Many traveled hundreds of miles to stay at with family members and many wound up in hotels or even at evacuation centres with nothing to do but wait for word they could return to find out if their home was one that made it through or if they had just lost everything. It was over a month before they were allowed to return but, they never had a need go unmet. Our community gathered around them donating clothing, household items, food, grocery and retail gift cards, and financial donations. Many lost their homes and didn’t have insurance due to some economic instability in the region. Many others have pledged to make sure every single person and family will have a home again, with or without insurance. The best part was the numbers of local businesses and even some international corporations that stepped up to provide materials and resources for the donation centres, the evacuation centres, and now the rebuilding.

P – Positive: Focus on positive things. Talking about each other behind closed doors never helps build a solid community. Of course, if we have had a really bad experience with a person or a company and we know someone about to make the same mistake, let that person know about your experience in private. Unfortunately, if you get a reputation of talking about someone else, it won’t matter how bad your experience was, you’ll be the one to get the bad name. So, don’t gossip. Share your experiences and then let others decide for themselves. Eventually those that don’t live by the Syndicate Code will get known for who they truly are.

E – Experience: Don’t just sell. Don’t just respond. Don’t push back in difficult situations. Create an experience for your customers that will keep them coming back and will minimize any potential problems that may come up over the years. Host appreciation events or offer quality added value promotions and items. There’s a million things you can do to make sure you are standing out from other similar businesses in your marketplace while giving your customers the best possible service available.

C – Community: Looking for what is best for everyone, not just ourselves. This is true in our businesses as well as in our homes. When we ensure we are acting in a way that takes everyone affected into consideration, we build trust and a healthy strong community.

T – Time: Take the time to get to know your customers. It also takes time to be involved in your community but, it is always worth the time you invest.

There’s one last way to hounour your community. Ask yourself, “What’s my mindset about money?” Now ask yourself what you are able to give when it comes to your time, services, products, and talents. What would our business community look like if we went out of our way to help set up new businesses or help new comers to our community and others that may have a need? Nobody gets anywhere alone. Lots have tried to claim that they Did it Their Way but, we know that can’t be entirely true. Apple wouldn’t be Apple without Steve Jobs? Well, he had the ideas, true. But, without the components manufacturers, without the people that knew how to produce the glass, without the production workers, without the consumers, and without his team at Apple, what would Apple be today? Now, I know this is a pretty simplistic view. Steve Jobs did contribute more than just a few ideas but, he still needed a team to help him get them to market and to create the experience that keeps Apple customers loyal and coming back. We need to receive help as much as we need to give it. Surround yourself with those people that can give you the help you need so you can keep your focus on the people that matter. When we are helping each other we make each other strong. When we’re strong, we worry less about resources, including money. By volunteering or helping out in other ways, we show our community that they, and not money, is our focus. That goes a long way in building a trusting relationship!

Just in case your still not totally sure what respect is, we leave you with this




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