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Runaway Brides


Today we welcome Sheila Aaldyk as a guest writer. Sheila shares her passion for helping women through her new Runaway Brides Challenge!

9 years ago, a wife and mother of 3 needed a change.  She needed a new adventure.  She needed an outlet for her goals.  She needed to RUN!  At the time, I did not hold a strong opinion about my well being or fitness.  I had enjoyed some running and playing on soccer teams and held my spa lady and club fit (WHC) memberships here and there.  (Let’s be honest though, I contributed a lot to their building maintenance funds more than to my own fitness)

It was two years after my third child was born and as I continued to catch a glimpse in the mirror, I told myself that this stomach too would pass.  But as time went on, I realized that my middle bulge was staying with me. Checkpoint number one: Self loathing needed to stop and change needed to start. At the same time, I began to notice drastic transformations happening with the pastor and his wife at our church.  As I inquired further, I learned of the name Shaif. Check point number two: If others could commit to changing their body, so could I.  A third part to my journey was also in motion.  At the time my husband had a colleague that was running and training with Achieve.  She mentioned running to him and he told her that his wife used to enjoy running and that maybe she would like to come out with the group.  He told me about it and I phoned her up.  After all, what did I have to lose besides my one pack?

She invited me to meet the running group at the tech shop to check it out.  I arrived early, nervous, yet excited.  It had been years since I had truly done something for myself besides trying to fit a quick jog in here and there between the busy lives of 3 kids.  I noticed a poster on the wall that said run the Las Vegas half marathon-21 km.  I can still remember my next thought clearly-That can’t be why I am here. Who in their right mind would ever want to run 21 km, that’s crazy!  I soon met Shaif and the rest of the group and began my running regime of walking 7 minutes and running for 3.  I joined the group week after week, obediently doing my 7s and 3s, until one weekend while Shaif was away , I decided I was ready to graduate and run the entire 2 hours!  I gutted it out and successfully completed the run, without walking.  Since that Saturday, there have been many great runs and many not so great runs.  Achilles Tendonitis, shin splints, runners gut…. And who joins a sport where the first 45 minutes are just the warm up and fat burning doesn’t begin until after that?

Some friends of mine at church suggested that we check out the training element of Achieve, so we made an appointment to see a trainer.  This soon turned into weekly fusion sessions.  I remember some of the first sessions, after which I couldn’t move my arms above my head the next day and discovered what lunge butt felt like.  I looked around the room and couldn’t believe the strength and toning that some people had.  I quickly decided whose body I wanted mine to look like one day. 

With the help of several trainers and a long and dear friendship with Shaif and my fellow Achievers, my journey thus far, has included losing 20 pounds, training for and running almost 15 half marathons and 10 marathons. I have seen the sites of Washington, Chicago, Boston, Seattle and many other beautiful cities while running through the streets on my way to improving my fitness. I have learned to have a love hate relationship with chin ups. I have enjoyed the site of hip bones again and buying size Small instead of size Large. 

But the most important lessons that I have learned are these:

I am stronger than I think.

 Life is tough and one must persevere.

It is both healthy and important to choose activities to better yourself.

 I will celebrate every milestone and accomplishment.

 I will cheer others on in the front row.

I will give back for much has been given to me.


My inspiration for Runaway Brides came with the realization that there are many women out there that give day in and day out to their loved ones and others around them, without truly giving back to themselves.  They pack other peoples’ schedules into their own and watch days pass without truly investing in their own well being.  Women are incredible beings of resilience, inner strength,  fortitude and perseverance.  Runaway brides is about choosing to give back to yourselves and to invest in your own strength, well-being, fitness and mental health.  It not only benefits yourself but also those who share in your days.  I’m not going to lie to you.  You get the results that you put into it. Whether you want to lose 20 pounds or 50 pounds, it can be done!  It is not only about being interested though, it is about being committed.  It is about showing up each time and throwing the excuses to the wayside.  It is about pain and discomfort and sacrifice.  It is about rising up to the challenge to be the amazing balanced person that you deserve to be.  It is about saying I DO want this and I AM worth it!

Runaway Brides…this is our moment to give back to yourselves!

Join me and say I DO to the challenge.

Runaway Brides runningbride13 Week Challenge

Where: Achieve Personal Training Studio

10159-118 street

When: Sept. 7 to Nov. 29

Package Includes:

Fall running/WALKING clinic

13 fusion classes

2 personal training sessions

Eating plan and weekly weigh ins

Accountability group

Free make up session for photo shoot

at McMaster Photo Studio

(Valued at $600)

RSVP to:

Sheila 780-298-1876


Kendra 780-266-5120 (must be new clients to achieve)

Information meeting on Monday, Sept 5 at 1:00 pm at Achieve Studio

Join the challenge to fit back into your wedding dress!

Sheila at 780-298-1876









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