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What Your Customers Really Want

cropped-gangstergirlfamiy.pngWe’re heading into 2017! The new year is just around the corner and most of the world isn’t doing so great financially. Businesses are going to have to get innovative if they’re going to survive. So, what are you going to do to stand out from your competitors and win the dollars and the loyalty of the consumers in your marketplace? If you’re smart, you’ll start developing relationships with your customers by inviting them to experience your company and it’s products or services.

Repeat after us…Experience Marketing. You’re going to be hearing a lot about this in 2017 but, what is it exactly? It’s everything you do to show your customers you care and that you don’t just want to sell to them, you want to have a relationship with them. That’s why it’s also called Engagement Marketing. Executed properly, this innovative marketing strategy can solidify you as the only company to do business with. Your brand will be established, your reputation solidified, and your business will grow when you show your customers that you care enough to get to know them.

Of course, you can’t know every one of your customers on a close, personal level. You can make them feel like you do though. You just need three simple things to get engaged:


  1. A CRM to share value with your audience on a consistent basis
  2. An event to make your audience know how special they are to you
  3. An exceptional follow up system

These three things will be essential to your marketing strategy in the coming year. Why? Because your customers want to know you care. They know there are plenty of options when it comes to getting your products or services. You know you’re not the only one and so do they. What they don’t know is why you’re the best company to shop at. It’s up to you to show them. Stop just marketing and selling your brand, products, or services and start letting your marketplace experience what you have to offer. Return the sentiment by letting your customers know that you appreciate their support in keeping you in business. Let’s face it, without them, you don’t have a business so, show them some appreciation!

Clearly this is what we are all about and you’ll be hearing lots more about it from us. Just in case you want to know more right now, here’s some examples for you.



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